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Foggy Fishing in Oatka Creek

these pictures are from fishing in oatka creek, taken over two days, and also it got foggy. i thought about writing captivating descriptions but decided to let the pictures do the “talking”, except for brian’s weird behavior, which had to be explained brian reached for his fly and tucked it behind his glasses

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Kickball in GVP and Fishing in Oatka Creek

drew licked his thumb and thought about something brian played on his mobile device and tyler thought about something nick thought about home base then we went to oatka creek, where brian got his shoes wet, so to speak tyler read a book gary has a special tattoo that brings good luck. do you know […]

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Fishing in Canandaigua Lake, (Yes That’s One of Those Fingers)

fishing is tough, i found out all about that this past weekend. it involves a complex and highly orchestrated two-car trip to a sporting goods outlet at some mall where one can purchase an ‘all-complete tackle box with name-brand lures and accessories’ so that we can just ‘get away’ from ‘it all’ correctly and efficiently. here […]

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