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2014 Girls of Summer Alley Cat

Yesterday marked the 4th annual Girls of Summer alley cat race in Seattle. Here are some ladies hanging out at the start. Ben held the baby so Laura could race meanwhile I left to go get our checkpoint ready. This involved appropriate signage our checkpoint was pretty simple: write a love poem Mike did some […]

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2013 .83 Christmas Tree Ride

yay, here are photos from the 2013 .83 christmas tree ride we gathered as westlake center mark looking nonchalant despite an enormous tree stuck to his back alec looked forlorn trees were secured all sorts of ways andre cautiously optimistic mohawk mike doing drugs special goggles guy boat jake has a sudden thought; ben looks […]

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The Morning After Party

following tom and wang’s 1 year anniversary, we hosted a morning after party to recover it included bloody marys and whisky coffees and omelettes and potatoes we had all the proper fixings. we’re civilized after all tom and wang showed up for the drunken knife fight we hosted and nick tried to shoot staples into his eyes […]

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Tom and Wang’s 1 Year Anniversary

April 6 marked Tom and Wang’s 1 year in Seattle. It’s kind of neat that it both fell on a Friday and that they are still alive to celebrate it. Wang and Brad wore matching clothes and poured gin into a bucket there were grapefruits in the bucket part of the experience involved “basting” people’s […]

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The Fantastic Arrested Development Drinking Party Experience

This past Friday we decided to honor the Bluth family by overindulging in alcohol. What better way to celebrate a fictional family’s woes? I printed some cue sheets before leaving work. This is what they looked like at my office desk. I decided to make some bean dip since my friends have annoying dietary restrictions […]

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