Tom and Wang’s 1 Year Anniversary

April 6 marked Tom and Wang’s 1 year in Seattle. It’s kind of neat that it both fell on a Friday and that they are still alive to celebrate it.

Wang and Brad wore matching clothes and poured gin into a bucket

pouring into gin bucket

there were grapefruits in the bucket

grapefruit in the gin bucket

part of the experience involved “basting” people’s mouth buckets. I “basted” my red plastic cup, which I then drank normally. to each their own…


we had a hungry hungry hippo tournament

hungry hungry hippo

the names were written down and then ripped into pieces and placed in a bucket

names in a helmet

at the idea of putting everything into buckets, Page reacted as such

making a face

such an easter colored shirt!

plaid shirt red plastic cup

at one point Wang and Brad decided to stand next to Jenna. you can see how she reacted

jenna standing next to the guys

I wonder what she was thinking at that moment in time? Or Wang?

then more people wanted to stand by Jenna. she reached out for help

meanwhile Nick looked forlorn

looking forlorn at a party

and Andrea looked thirsty

person behind red plastic cup

I’m pretty sure that Dave was having conflicting feelings between shooting a toy dart gun and the inevitable remorse that would follow if he were to accidentally knock over a can of premium rainier beer

toy dart gun

meanwhile hungry hungry hippo rounds continued

hungry hungry hippos

page smashing hippos in a friendly violent way

page smashing hipps

then the cool kids had to go do cool kid things


people talking out on the balcony with the shitty view

people in front of seattle skyline

Nick: “Why does a chicken coop have only two doors?”

Jenna: “Because if it had four it’d be a chicken sedan”

seattle skyline from balcony

Tom reacting to Jenelle’s reaction

jenelle looking crazy

I always mark my cups as such. if you ever see one of these at a party, I’m at the party too

stick person on a red plastic cup

Wang gave us his wok for the morning after party that was to come

a cooking wok in front of seattle

time to leave!

unlocking bikes at night time seattle

Nick didn’t bring a backpack, but he thought he could wedge the wok between his head and his helmet

nick putting a wok on his head

it didn’t work

nick biking with a wok

so he had to carry it down the street

biking with a cooking wok

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