The Morning After Party

following tom and wang’s 1 year anniversary, we hosted a morning after party to recover

breakfast food

it included bloody marys and whisky coffees

bloody mary

and omelettes and potatoes

omelette and bloody mary

we had all the proper fixings. we’re civilized after all

tom and wang showed up for the drunken knife fight we hosted

knife fight in the sun

and nick tried to shoot staples into his eyes

looking at a staple gun

“Is that a quarter behind your ear?”

is that a quarter behind your ear

andrea made herself a whiskey coffee. we’re civilized after all.

sipping out of a coffee mug

so civilized that nick strung canvas so we could graffiti it

spray painting canvas

lots of lazy idling in the sun

standing in the sun

more lazy idling, this time with olives. we’re civilized after all!

olives and bloody mary in the sun

nick was so civilized he cut out a robot stencil so he could spray paint robots on his car. nothing says civilization like a swath of robots!

cardboard stencil

it got so hot tom and wang decided to take off their shirts to ride the tandem bicycle

two shirtless men next to a tandem bicycle

you can spot jenelle’s blatant excitement regarding tom’s antics

shirtless rawr

then we decided to go to the beach so we rode down the big hill. those are mountains in the distance.

riding down jackson st

past the cherry tree blossoms

biking past cherry blossoms

and past the buses. see the mountains in the distance?

biking past buses

waiting for a light in the international district

international district on bikes

tom spots me, look at the joy on his face upon discovering that I was photographing him! But turn around Tom, for the light is green and we must go!

waiting at the light

nothing liked barbed wire and traffic cones along the scenic elliot bay multi-use trail

elliot bay trail

riding away from the city to go to the beach on a sunny day

biking away from the city

past the worlds largest man made island… or at least its faded glory… ahh a shame! we were once so civilized!

biking past harbor island

oh just look at andrea bopping around with us, like a real gang we are!

waiting on the bridge

and a modern day bicycle gang wouldn’t be complete without a track standing fixie. thanks for filling the gap avery!

track standing fixie

jenelle under a bridge rocking out her jeggings, no matter how many times she claims that they’re not jeggings. it’s okay jenelle.

bicycle under a bridge

tom and wang eyeballing the fruit booter in the sunshine. can you blame him? no, you cannot. it’s a damn fine day for fruit booting no matter what wang thinks

fruit booter

oh look who we bumped into in west seattle. I took a picture even though she was trying to wave her arms to block the image from forming

jenna running

then we kept riding

bicycle riding

oh wait, picture time..

picture time for seattle

suddenly everyone started pointing. there’s a seagull over there!

point to the right

and a seagull over there too!

point to the left

another seagull! seagulls everywhere!

point to the right

gang photo I

bike gang photo

gang photo II

bike gang photo 2

oh do you mind taking a picture of me since I couldn’t be in the group photo?

wind in my face

photo op over, we continued biking to the beach. more mountains in the background

biking alki beach

everyone was bopping around alki beach

biking alki beach

tom scratched his chin and thought about taking a swim with the jelly fish

standing in front of the puget sound

jenna noted that ‘the jelly fish will eat his brains if he does it’ and then smiled about it

person in sun

is that a seagull over there?

jenna pointing in the sun

jenna then called animal control. I tried to inform her that it was perfectly normal for seagulls to fly around the beach but she would not have it

calling on the phone

nick’s sunglasses showed us in front of the mexican restaurant on the beach

closeup of sunglasses

from this picture

nick's sunglasses

after the mexican restaurant we went to an old timey diner for milkshakes and beer

sipping a milk shake

“hey now, is that really a milkshake?”

nick reacting at a diner

then avery’s enormous face eclipsed nick

close up of avery

eclipsed nick felt eclipsed

eclipsed nick

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