The Fantastic Arrested Development Drinking Party Experience

This past Friday we decided to honor the Bluth family by overindulging in alcohol. What better way to celebrate a fictional family’s woes? I printed some cue sheets before leaving work. This is what they looked like at my office desk.

arrested development drinking rules

I decided to make some bean dip since my friends have annoying dietary restrictions (just kidding) and it happens to be A) vegan B) lactose free and C) gluten free

texas caviar bean dip with jalepenos

I put 4 jalapenos in it, but removed the seeds from 3 of them. Elissa managed to get lots of pieces with seeds because she is unfortunate and down on life.

close up of bean dip

I also made some bread for the cheese.

homemade bread

Wang showed up early and surprised me while I was doing my pilates workout.

wang covering his eyes

Apparently Tom and Jenelle having matching helmets now. Things are getting weird.

matching white helmets

Here is Andrea and the food. I decided to cut up carrots and celery last minute in case anyone was still clinging to their New Years resolutions.

This is what the bread looked like after it was baked, sliced, and placed near the cheese.

I made sure everyone studied the cue sheets.

This is Jenna. She had a crazy red shirt on that looked brighter than normal because it was next to her black pants. Very clever Jenna..

I told Page I was going to take a candid portrait of her.


Lots of black pants. So emo!

bean dip on chip

The bright red top looking bright red!

bright red top

Eventually we got around to watching the show. If you’re curious, here’s the cue sheet we used:

The Fantastic Arrested Development Drinking Party Experience Cue Sheet

There’s only one rule, and that is you take a drink every time the show repeats itself. Take a drink when:

  • Tobias creates sexual innuendo
  • Something in the model house breaks or falls down
  • Any character says “her?”
  • No touching!
  • Kitty shows her breasts
  • There is a hop-on reference
  • Michael asks “Who?” (referring to Ann)
  • Michael refers to Ann as something besides Ann (egg, yam, Annhog)
  • There is any reference to Michael being a robot (not crying)
  • There is George Michael-Maeby relationship reference.
  • Lucille rips on Lindsay’s appearance
  • Lucille drinks in the early morning
  • I’ve made a huge mistake
  • “Come on!”
  • Someone does a chicken impression and/or dance
  • A “Peanuts” reference is made or seen
  • The final countdown is heard
  • Oscar makes a fatherly remark about Buster
  • Marry me
  • Well, that was a freebie
  • George Michael performs his best Star Wars impersonation
  • An air-horn goes off
  • Someone gets tackled
  • Hey brother
  • Annyong
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