Salmon La Sac and Cle Elum Car Camping

a few weekends ago we decided to go car camping because andrea and jenna had never seen stars, trees, or bears.

day 1

Nick picked out a good place

looking at a map

he was pretty proud of picking out the place! look at how happy he was to have the honor

nick smiling

we drove and drove. soon the road we were on turned into a dusty potholed mess. we had to stop every few minutes to let the particles settle so we could breathe

truck and people in woods

andrea particularly liked the particle filled air

we eventually found a decent place along the river, however there was quite an incline to reach it

carrying liquor down a steep incline

andrea carried perhaps too much at one time

more stuff down the hill

then we had a nice portrait session. here’s nick

and jenna

and andrea

and andrea in landscape orientation

back to portrait

and tom

and jenelle

and jenelle with the whiskey and the knife

normally the knife hangs out here

then we had a weird crotch situation. no, just kidding. but there was a weird crotch seat, which created a situation. but it wasn’t weird

tom observing the situation

we roasted some veggie and ‘normal’ dogs

notice jenelle’s floppy octopus dog

eventually the drinking started

dun dun dun

and night fell, but we had a guitar, so we sang papa roach covers

jenna thought our music tastes were funny

then for a little while, little spacecrafts flew over, and little aliens twinkled at us

but they flew away and so we cooked marshmallows

here you can observe tom with a big stick and a little white blob. yes, that really happened

because jenna doesn’t think it’s ethical to eat horse feet, she made a melted chocolate sandwhich

then we created bright white things. for legal reasons, think of these as post-production effects created in photoshop that didn’t happen in real life

and danced around

jenna and andrea battled it out like wizards

day 2

we went swimming in cle elum lake which is created by humans by damming it up which is why there were green trees that had been submerged

jenna was pretty excite. that’s not a typo.

nick is not a man to dilly dally. in he went!

so then we all went in

andrea had to sit and ponder

jenna and nick went to swim out to the rock

and jumped off

image has been magnified

we stood around thinking about all the poor trees that were drowning. life can be so cruel

it was all very emotional

but then we had to go!

jenelle was perhaps more upset to leave than worrying about all the drowning trees

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