Backpacking the Olympic Coast and Lake Ozette (Days 3 and 4)

Over the long weekend Nick, Katie, Derek (Nick’s uncle), and I went backpacking along the Olympic Coast. This is part 2 of a 2-part series. See days 1 and 2 here.

Day 3 ( Sunday)

we woke up and contemplated our existence

then started the journey

I saw the tiniest star fish in existence

then we climbed over some rocks

and saw more starfish! starfish everywhere!

purple and orange starfish

and these green sea things

green sea things

we weren’t the only ones walking along the low tide beach

deer in low tide olympic coast

ah back to the sandy beach

we left Derek (as planned). We were to meet up with him farther south on Monday afternoon

and onward we marched

over trees

skirting around the incoming tide

avoiding the tide

lots of seagulls

seagulls flying around

occasionally we had to climb over a high pass because the ocean was in the way. good thing for this rope

climbing up rope lake ozette

climbing over the high pass

then back down

we saw lots of floating balls and chromatic aberration

lake ozette flotation balls

and nick found a crab

sea crab

and I found another orange star fish

orange starfish

day 4 (monday)

then next morning we woke up to lots of fog and a low tide

we hiked the few short miles to the Rialto Beach hole-in-wall

rialto beach hole in wall

and found a large, dead crab

dead crab

and a larger, dead sea lion (gross)

dead sea lion

and came across a bunch of fishermen and fisherladies

rialto beach fishermen and fisherladies

meanwhile nick and katie contemplated their existence

short video

I made a short video from some of the footage I shot! View it in HD on Vimeo here.

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