Backpacking the Olympic Coast and Lake Ozette (Days 1 and 2)

Over the long weekend Nick, Katie, Derek (Nick’s uncle), and I went backpacking along the Olympic Coast. This is part 1 of a 2-part series. See part 2 here.

Day 1 (Friday evening)

We took the ferry

taking the seattle ferry

the sun was setting all nice and pretty

sun set

there’s west seattle and mount rainier in the distance

west seattle and mt rainier

Day 2 (Saturday’s hike)

Katie had to pick out a certain number of marshmallows to bring

the first couple miles were in the woods

proof of my existence

nick decided to climb a big rock

and then jump down

and then onward he hiked

we found some bull whip kelp, otherwise known as nereocystis which is greek for “mermaid’s bladder” so Derek naturally cut it open to play it as a trumpet

bull whip kelp

then katie had a turn


and we marched like this for a little while. Eventually katie got bored and discarded it

poor little guy

washed up bull whip kelp

along the coast were land overpasses that involved climbing up some steep terrain. there were ropes to help a little

eventually we found a nice campsite to rest for the evening

and rest we did! this is wine, not a fruit smoothie

nick carved a whale from some driftwood

driftwood carved whale

while katie drank wine too

and then nick joined in the festivities

wine in hand, we decided to explore the tidal pools that formed during low tide

we found all sorts of cool stuff

orange starfish

katie said, “look over there!”

so over there we went

then we had to gather some water back at the camp to make dinner

nick has a convenient gravity filter

here’s nick lighting his stove

and katie getting excited over spam

nick eating a MRE

while the sun set

so we walked back down to the beach to watch it

we were trying to look for the green flash but didn’t see it

it was still nice though

here’s a little summary of the trail we hiked

part 2 (Sunday and Monday) has been posted here along with a brief video of highlights from the trip

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