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The Fantastic Arrested Development Drinking Party Experience

This past Friday we decided to honor the Bluth family by overindulging in alcohol. What better way to celebrate a fictional family’s woes? I printed some cue sheets before leaving work. This is what they looked like at my office desk. I decided to make some bean dip since my friends have annoying dietary restrictions […]

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Grass and Sun and Blue Skies

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A Leisurely Hike through Cougar Mountain

On Sunday we decided to take a nice hike of Cougar Mountain, located in Bellevue, WA. It was a short 20 minute drive outside of Seattle. Fortunately Nick warned us that there weren’t any views, because otherwise I feel we would have been pretty heartbroken upon reaching the peak with expectations of a reward. But I guess […]

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A cardboard box can be a a desk too

A large part of the AmeriCorp VISTA experience involves living near the poverty line. I make a whopping $475 every 2 weeks after taxes. For the last few months, my desk was simply a cardboard box that my mattress was shipped in. After many months of frugal living, I was able to save up and […]

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