Fishing in Canandaigua Lake, (Yes That’s One of Those Fingers)

fishing is tough, i found out all about that this past weekend. it involves a complex and highly orchestrated two-car trip to a sporting goods outlet at some mall where one can purchase an ‘all-complete tackle box with name-brand lures and accessories’ so that we can just ‘get away’ from ‘it all’ correctly and efficiently.

here lauren and ben deservedly decided to rest at the dock/water interface after a long (30 min) and strenuous car expedition

here they are contemplating how they’re going to ‘snag’ that ‘elusive musky’.

lauren quickly grew perplexed and her face involuntarily started twitching. she’s very used to it however, and didn’t even realize she was doing it.

katie knew a lot about good color combinations. she dressed wonderfully in a heart-felt attempt to woo the fish. ah if only this were a movie, i could see it now… the inevitable disappointment when the realized they could never be together and all the meaningless promises exchanged…

i think connie had the right idea, bringing a pre-caught fish in her blue backpack. hours later when everyone would be sunburned, exhausted, and hopeless, she would pull it out and attach it to her hook

but the trick was on us! she just had a beer!

then i thought ben had the same brilliant idea, to sneak in a pre-caught fish, only this time in a cooler.

he put on a good show, pretending like there was just beer in there too

at one point he tried to pull some harry potteresque wand-like spell casting… he had no idea it was just a fishing pole

brian made no attempt at pretending like he had no idea what to do

and casted into a nearby bush, using the lean-forward-and-pretend-to-be-dueling-wizard technique. all these wannabe harry potter fans!!

nick knew he wasn’t a wizard, but he thought he could blend into the tree. the fish would never expect a tree limb to make aggressive passes at them!

die fish! die!

of course once a fish was caught we showed extreme sympathy, empathy, sorrow, pity, and bitter regret. the girls wanted to stroke it comfortingly as it struggled to breathe… ah the circle of life

lauren is a vegetarian, so instead of fishing she decided she would just squint

however in a weird turn of events, she agreed to guard the fishing net in case any fanatic animal-rights protester attempted to make off with it

the evening grew dark, and the fishermen hungry

you can see where this story is heading… i ran out of working light to operate the camera, and we starved to death in the moon-lit woods. but i think we learned a lot and i wouldn’t call the trip a failure.

its all about the circle of life, it turns out.

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