Conesus Lake and Typical Things People do in Conesus Lake

a few weekends ago it was july 3, which means that the ‘ring of fire’ takes place in conesus lake. its an annual event where around 10pm everyone lights emergency flares and worrys of smoke asphyxiation. before it gets dark however, people drive their boats around and drink beers. my friends and family probably had one of the most exciting days of the year right here.

we had tremendous amounts of fun, i think katie was about to announce to everyone that she was overjoyed and wanted to go home

nick was having the time of his life, i think he almost peed his pants, he might be peeing in this photo, he looks so relaxed

katie was the first brave person to go in the water tube. you can’t see it from this angle, but she has a gigantic smile on her face

here mandy watches katie go in the water. she is thinking, ‘wow’, or perhaps, ‘holy shit(!!!) if i ever babysit kids and they are whining about how bored they are i will build them a boat(!) and i will build them a water tube(!!) and they will cry, just CRY with TEARS of FUN(!!!)’

katie’s hair was thrown back in the wild rush of excitement and another synonym for excitement

nick was like, ‘wow, this is probably the peak of my life’

and then it was his turn. if you look closely his feet are not touching anything

here he is surrounded by sparkles. i think this is a photovisual representation of bliss.

alyssa was swooning with joy (that’s probably why she didn’t last long)

there was so much going on, people didn’t know where to look, or when the right time to stretch was. there was so much stress– no one wanted to miss anything

nick got all jittery with adrenaline, he had to scratch his back

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