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Backpacking in Allegheny National Forest

a few weekends ago me and brian went backpacking in allegheny national forest this is what brian’s tent looked like, forest green this is what my tent looked like. i think it’s safer and looks less like a tree. if you are real far away you can still see it. if brian was real far […]

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Kickball in GVP and Fishing in Oatka Creek

drew licked his thumb and thought about something brian played on his mobile device and tyler thought about something nick thought about home base then we went to oatka creek, where brian got his shoes wet, so to speak tyler read a book gary has a special tattoo that brings good luck. do you know […]

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Eating Marshmallows in Delaware

besides attending to the beach, we also ate marshamallows. this was our vacation. my cousin put marshmallow goo and chocolate all over his face now his face got cleaned, you can see how he reacted this was the “fireplace” my dad made sure the house or the woods didn’t burn down my mom made smores

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