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I’m not planning on updating this while I’m out in the jungle and playing with monkeys or whatever the indiginees do when they’re out in the jungle. See you in 2 months…

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The Past Week in Photos 6/13 to 6/20

Little tiny photos! Sunshine, booze and green grass. Beach lounging and somersaults. Jazz festival, bike rides, bumping into friends and the crazies. Hipsters, hipsters, hipsters…

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The pictures from Florida have been ‘developed’

Actually I finally put them on my computer and selected a few for here. This is what the condo looked like. We had a decent view of the Gulf of Mexico. We read that one of the condo rules was not to hang any towels on the balcony. I guess they didn’t want them to […]

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Me and Nate Lindsey and Chelsea went on a bicycle ride!

This is what my neighborhood looks like when Nate Lindsey rides down the street. It is very sunny. We stopped by the Rochester Museum and Science Center (RMSC) and I took an architectural photo. We arrived at Cobbs Hill where you can see Pinnacle Hill in the background. The sight is wonderful but Nate Lindsey […]

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My wisdom teeth are out and it hurts me.

I feel like I’m always bleeding, if not a lot, then a little bit bleeding. The Vicodin made me feel good today. I read that Vicodin can make you go deaf. I’m wearing a purple sweater with yellow polka dots (who has polka dots these days?) and blue jeans. Do you like my use of […]

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